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The best pizza POS Systems you can buy

The best pizza POS Systems you can buy

The great thing about BVS POS is that pos system has been designed specifically with the restaurant world in mind. What that means is you get features and functionality that have been tailored for the marketplace it services. Better still, BVS POS comes with the latest developments in technology and is updated regularly ensuring your pizza restaurant business will be best placed to stay abreast of latest trends.

BVS POS comes with a comprehensive interface and a learning curve that’s not too steep, especially if you need to train up employees in your pizza restaurant. It’s flexible too, so you can use it to operate your pizza restaurant, including sit down and eat in dining along with offering online ordering and takeout options.

The additional bonus is that it is fully scalable meaning that BVS POS will work for pizza restaurants that are classed as small businesses, but can also be developed as the outlet grows. Pricing is affordable too for those at the lower end of the pizza restaurant ladder with full suite pricing starting from just $240 a month.

The BVS POS package includes vital features such as 24/7 customer support, comprehensive reporting capabilities and integrated payment processing. This allows you to handle payments across the board, from customers situated in your pizza restaurant through to online ordering and pay-on-delivery arrangements. There’s even tableside ordering to consider, while the kitchen display systems offer a neat variation on POS hardware.


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