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The Applications of POE

The Applications of POE

POE devices can be utilized in many environments and industries. The most common POE devices are IP cameras, which only require a local area network and not a local recording device, and phones. POE can also be used as public address systems or intercoms and RFID and biometric wireless access control points. With higher power POE, larger devices can also be connected such as POS kiosks, laptops, computers, digital signage, and touchscreens. They can be used in various applications throughout multiple industries.  

Smart Building

In an office setting, as outlined in this vide. POE makes an office smarter. Sensors are placed throughout the office, controlling cameras, computers, wireless access control points, and other devices. LED lights are equipped with motion and environmental sensors and can detect natural light and room occupancy. An example of an office that has embodied POE is The Edge in Amsterdam, whose main tenant is Deloitte. The Edge utilizes an app that connects with roughly 28,000 sensors all powered by POE.  

Smart Manufacturing

POE can also be applied in an industrial setting. Sensors and IP cameras can help monitor activity in assembly lines, loading docks, inventory rooms, and other areas without power. RFID can also track shipments and vehicle fleets, optimize routes, and cut costs associated with inefficiencies in logistics. Using higher power POE such as Class 3 or Class 4 allows for more powerful surveillance and sensors for manufacturing and logistics that will transform automation. Rugged servers and switches that enable POE can also be utilized in rugged environment for more POE applications in Industry 4.0.

Smart Security and Surveillance in Bus Transit Systems   

POE will also change bus transportation and other transit systems. By outfitting stations and buses or subways with a multitude of sensors and cameras, it will allow for public transportation to react to data in real time. Sensors can detect if maintenance is required and if the bus is not properly working, allowing for better solutions. Sensors can also communicate with other traffic sensors and alert all types of transportation vehicles with real-time updates. Traffic lights and parking garages are also increasingly outfitted with sensors to ease congestion in peak times.

Passenger safety will also increase as POE sensors and cameras offer live video monitoring through network video recorders. The videos are also stored in a secured server that also allows for embedded metadata tagging and elastic search tools for videos, making it easier for future video retrieval. Driver access control can also be installed with POE, verifying the driver through wireless identification facial recognition or a camera. Using RFID and sensors will allow for passenger wireless access onto the vehicle, causing less build up and more efficient filing of passengers. 

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