The application of pos system

The application of pos system

The functions of the pos system are as follows:

It is suitable for large and medium-sized supermarkets, chain stores, hypermarkets, large and medium-sized restaurants and all retail enterprises with high-level management. With IC card function, membership cards can be used and IC cards and securities can be issued internally. It can be connected to a variety of peripherals such as scanner guns and printers.

The pos system has the management functions of large chain supermarkets such as front and backstage purchases, sales, storage and distribution. The catering type has the function of catering service, and can be connected to multiple kitchen printers, hand-held ordering machines and other peripherals. It can realize unattended remote communication with PC and download data. It has the function of Ethernet communication, and forms the real-time management system of the general and branch network through ADSL broadband.

When using POS settlement, the steps are as follows:

  1. The barter cashier system of the local barter agent or special customer inputs the purchase or consumption amount of the buyer member into the POS terminal.
  2. The card reader (POS system) reads the authentication data of the magnetic stripe on the advertising barter card and the buyer's membership number (password).
  3. The settlement system sends the input data to the supervision account of the center.
  4. After the advertising barter cashier system confirms the processed settlement data, it will be signed by the buyer member. The trading member and the barter agent or the special merchant each leave a receipt stub, and the barter agent or the special merchant will mail the receipt stub to the barter company.
  5. After the barter company confirms that the buyer has received the goods or media services, the settlement center will allocate the easy exchange quota. Complete the checkout process.

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