Ordering System

Ordering System

Ordering system is a common scenario for dining out now. You can connect to the ordering system in the store through the QR code at the seat, and you can place an order directly and locate the corresponding table number. This popular ordering method is in line with mobile digitalization. The development trend, it can make customers more convenient, but also can reduce the service burden of hotel staff.

The most applications of ordering system are ordering and settlement. Complete smart ordering can be applied more, such as supporting flexible and diverse settlement methods, supporting cash, checks, credit cards, billing, free bills, gift certificates, running bills, membership cards, etc. Provide a variety of discount methods, including single product discounts, category discounts, member discounts, entire single discounts, etc. At the same time, it provides automatic billing functions such as minimum consumption, service fees, and on-time billing. Support a variety of member point discounts and reward programs, including point rewards, gift redemption, point discounts, and support different points levels to automatically enjoy different discounts.

It can order food independently, cashier at the front desk, service call, interaction with the kitchen, reservation number and information management.

Complete smart ordering is a system that uses modern electronic technology, wireless technology, computer technology, and network technology to replace traditional paper and pens for electronic ordering operations. It is an important means for catering to realize information transformation, improve management level, and improve operational efficiency. The ordering system consists of hardware and software. The system hardware mainly includes components such as handheld wireless terminals, wireless base stations, main control computers, and printers.

Different application scenarios have different requirements for the main functions of the ordering system. The hardware equipment can complete the matching design of the functional modules and the appearance of the equipment according to the needs. For example, in campuses and company canteens, all they need is a settlement device, mainly a credit card payment function, equipped with an IC card recognition module. There is also a combination of self-ordering and settlement, equipped with a QR code scanning module. In restaurants, chain restaurants, and other places, the function of ordering systems is far more than ordering and settlement, more is customer data collection, preference analysis, popularity of in-store dishes, profit analysis, cost control and other higher-level restaurants Operations assistant.

Smart ordering hardware equipment and software systems are widely used in restaurants, coffee shops, hot pot restaurants, fast food restaurants, food courts, bars and other places. For these scenarios, smart hardware devices have multiple application requirements to meet the improvement of restaurant quality and improve the dining experience of customers.

There are many successful cases in the hardware of the ordering system, such as embedded, wall-mounted, desktop, VESA hanging and other installation methods, which can meet the application in various scenarios.

The board has strong functions, low power consumption, and can run for a long time without interruption.

Simple interface, smooth touch, multimedia dishes display, saving environmental protection information, timely and real-time update of the menu system.

Touch screen hard screen sealed design, anti-collision and anti-greasy.

A variety of interface designs, which can be connected to a code scanner, a credit card machine, and a small ticket machine.

Accept customization, appearance design, RFID card reader, QR code scanning and other modules increase or decrease, expand usage scenarios.

Smart ordering is a combination of hardware equipment and software, and a combination of terminal equipment and mobile equipment. It can save hotel labor and labor costs, increase turnover and profit, and reduce operating costs.

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