industrial automation

Industrial Automation Applications

Industrial Automation Applications

How important is the industrial all in one pc to the development of industrial automation, I believe we all know that the ntelligent products has promoted the sustainable development of industrial automation. It is stable performance of the industrial touch screen, the characteristics of high and low temperature resistance, and extensive application. In addition, there are more advantages and features, let's take a look at it together.

Advantages of industrial touch screen all-in-one panel pc:

1. The appearance is fashionable, frivolous and delicate. Highly integrated planning and refinement.

2. The industrial touch all-in-one pc saves more space than the general desktop. The LCD touch screen all-in-one pc is a machine that combines the host with the LCD monitor and the speaker. It puts the hardware of the host behind the LCD monitor and compresses it as much as possible. It also has built-in speakers to make it as large as possible. The ground is small, so that the user can greatly save the space for placing the machine. This has important implications for urban users who are "an inch of land and an inch of gold".

3. The price of the industrial touch all-in-one pc is moderate. The integration of the all-in-one pc is high, so should it be expensive? Like many friends, after reading some articles saying that the price of LCD all-in-one pc is too high, I began to think that this should be the case. But after a deeper understanding, I realized that this is not the case.

4. Good mobility and high portability. Because the LCD touch all-in-one pc integrates the host, display and speakers, its volume and total weight are smaller than ordinary desktop computer, only more than ten kilograms, which greatly facilitates the user to move the machine. Its internal integration is very high, and the connection of various accessories is directly drawn from the PCB, which saves a lot of data cables in the past, and other small body also saves the large packaging and transportation costs in the past.

5. The all-in-one industrial control touch screen pc not only saves space, but also reduces living costs, saving you high electricity bills. The power consumption of an ordinary computer ranges from 200W to 400W or even higher (depending on the configuration and performance). The embedded industrial computer based on ARM architecture ranges from 7 inches to 15 inches, and the power consumption is only 3W to 20W.

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