Commercial Display

Commercial Display

Ordinary LCD monitors are used in small spaces, such as homes, living rooms, etc., so the application environment is relatively stable and clean, and the temperature and humidity control is also relatively reasonable. The touch screen all-in-one pc appear in crowded public places, due to the operating environment is very unstable, in terms of design, the operating environment of the touch screen all-in-one pc is more stable than that of LCD monitors. It is recommended to rest the touch screen all-in-one screen for at least 2 hours a day, use it at least once a week during the rainy season, and generally turn on the screen at least once a month and light it for more than 2 hours.

Metal objects enter the screen to avoid short circuit and fire. If water enters, please cut off the power immediately and contact the maintenance personnel until the display panel inside the screen is dry before use. The LCD screen all-in-one pc also needs to be checked regularly to see if it is working properly. If the line is damaged, it should be repaired or replaced in time. The main control computer and other related equipment should be placed in an air-conditioned and dusty room to ensure the ventilation and heat dissipation and stable operation of the computer. Non-professionals are not allowed to touch the internal circuit of the screen to avoid electric shock or damage to the circuit. If there is a problem, please ask a professional to repair it.

While a machine can never replace excellent personal customer service, a touchscreen all-in-one can reduce wait times and allow consumers to complete the service they need on their own. Altra International touch screen all-in-one has powerful system functions and rich intelligent interactive applications, and has been widely used in many industries. Using a touch-screen kiosk at a casino can provide consumers with customer information, quick restaurant and spa reservations, and show tickets. Assuming customers get frustrated with long wait times, you can imagine how a touchscreen all-in-one can help provide a better in-store experience.

Software and Applications:

The touch screen all-in-one software is actually the core of driving hardware, content and even the entire touch screen all-in-one system. After comparing hardware reliability and cost, users will immediately focus on software.

Touch screen all-in-one software, such as editing management, content management, playback management, rights management, system monitoring management, etc., has been developed quite well, and the functions derived from it, such as automatic filling, interaction, statistics, and vertical integration of various other commercial applications, are very suitable for The daily operation and management of the touch screen all-in-one system has played an important role, and it has also greatly deepened the industrial application process.

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