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Three levels of tablet customization

Three levels of tablet customization

Tablet PC customization is possible according to the different needs of customers and different formulations, and more and more close to our daily life, custom tablet PC is also beautifully known as business-oriented intelligent terminal, then the tablet PC customization has what kind of level? Today, I would like to introduce you to the three levels of tablet computer customization, take a look ~

Customization basis, direct development kit and capability support, open interface, allowing users to customize their own functions.

Provide a delivery platform for users to self-customize the product, including from the boot animation, wallpaper, pre-teensoftware, system requirements, etc.

Deep development and customizationaccording to different usage scenarios.

The market for business tablets is about to explode, and the core is the ultimate competition. It is obvious to all that tablets bring great changes to the future of enterprise digitization. 

Therefore, the huge market still needs to be filled by companies in the future. Based on the development of different manufacturers, starting to develop now is undoubtedly a step ahead, but ultimately who can control the market depends on having an excellent core: hardware + service + software customization.

Who can bring real convenience to the user, who can really solve the user's pain points, and who can be unique in the business tablet field. We hope the above content will help you, and those who have demand for tablet PC customization can contact us for consultation~

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