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How to choose a self-service cash register

How to choose a self-service cash register

With the development and growth of time, now the major shops have begun to use self-service cash registers, everyone understands the need to change the status quo in time to keep up with the new era of development and growth. Now the businessmen are also very much identified with this equipment, but it is difficult to be unclear how to choose, how to choose a practical and simple self-service machine, pay attention to the following three points.

Simple and clear

The purpose of the self-service cash register is to help merchants become more efficient in their daily management, so it should be simple and easy to use. If the interface is complicated and it takes too long to find an option or function, it will reduce efficiency. If the system is too costly to learn, it is not conducive to future management.


A good self-service  machine is not just a cashier, as if the VIP membership, staff governance can not be less, but also a variety of marketing flows, powerful to be considered a standard cashier system, so that businesses do not need to use a variety of tools can easily handle the daily operations.

Zero loopholes

Many merchants are concerned that employees will exploit the loopholes in the cash register to enrich themselves, so it is crucial that the cash register system is able to zone permissions. The open functions are open, and those that cannot be controlled by employees are all closed, so that different positions have different job responsibilities.