Common sense when buying an industrial panel PC

Common sense when buying an industrial panel PC

Common sense when buying an industrial panel PC

The Industrial Panel PC, the touchscreen all-in-one of industrial PCs, combines a touchscreen, a monitor and a mainframe in one. Users can simply touch the screen of the industrial panel PC to achieve operation, making human-computer interaction more simple and intuitive. It is widely used in industrial automation, manufacturing execution systems, self-service terminals, medical, retail, transport and other fields. How to buy an industrial tablet PC in the face of the needs of different industries? Now we will talk to you about some common sense of buying industrial flat panel computers, as follows.


In practical applications, industrial panel PCs need to be connected to a variety of external devices, requiring industrial panel PCs rich input and output interfaces, such as multiple serial ports and multiple USB ports. At the same time, the industrial panel PC also has an expansion function. When meeting different applications, it can provide a variety of options for mSATA and mini PCIe standard expansion cards, such as support for WIFI, 4G and Bluetooth functions.

Stable performance

In the industrial sector, industrial panel PCs need to run trouble-free for long periods of time, which requires them to be stable and reliable, independent of time and location. In addition, industrial panel PCs are often installed in a recessed manner, which requires industrial panel PCs to be rugged to ensure that downtime and maintenance are minimised and simplified.


Common sizes of industrial flat panels are:8", 8.4", 10.1", 10.4", 12.1", 15", 15.6", 17", 19", 21.5". The size should be selected according to the mounting holes of the industrial panel PC.

Touch screen

When purchasing an industrial panel PC, you need to consider the environment and choose a touch screen. The invention has low requirements for the working environment, is not afraid of dust, moisture and oil, can be touched by any object, has low requirements for temperature and humidity, and is suitable for industrial control. The capacitive screen allows for multi-touch control. The disadvantage is that when the ambient temperature, humidity, electric field, etc. changes, it may cause the capacitive screen to drift, resulting in inaccuracy and the need for frequent calibration and positioning. As a result, capacitive screen industrial panel PCs are not easily used in areas where there is interference.

These are the common sense aspects of buying an industrial panel PC. As the needs of users continue to change and grow, the demand for industrial panel PCs is increasing, requiring industrial panel PC manufacturers to have considerable R&D, production, testing, marketing and system integration capabilities, and the ability to provide customised services to users.