The role of face recognition tablet

The role of face recognition tablet

The role of face recognition tablet

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Today's face recognition tablet is a smart advertising touch all-in-one pc with unique wisdom. Smart media is connected with Internet technology, cloud technology, artificial intelligence technology, and Internet of Things technology. It is applicable to a wide range of scenarios, especially in supermarkets, stations, hotels, hospitals, banks, office buildings and other scenarios to achieve targeted advertising. When in crowded places, such as shopping malls, hotels, amusement parks and so on.

The face recognition solution is a multimedia player terminal with camera. When a woman appears in your camera range, the camera quickly captures the facial information of the woman, and calculates that the woman is a young woman in both gender and age range, and the multimedia player terminal will play it as a young adult to advertising messages for women. The intelligent advertising touch screen display has the "brain" of analysis. When consumers focus on the screen of the media advertising player, the camera captures the consumer's face and can immediately collect relevant information. If a lot of people are watching the screen at the same time, the system can also calculate the flow of people immediately, which means that the content can attract more people's attention. Quickly analyze facial features and play corresponding content.

1. The present invention has natural advantages. It can recognize and confirm the identity through the face. Both fingerprint recognition and iris recognition are based on biometrics.

2. Face recognition also has non-mandatory advantages. Face recognition can actively read facial image information, which is different from fingerprint recognition and needs to be collected by an electronic pressure sensor.

3. Face recognition is also non-contact and easy to understand. In other words, face recognition technology means that the user will not have any contact with the device, such as pressing the fingerprint unlock key.

In addition, face recognition has the advantage of concurrency. In related experiments, face recognition technology can classify, judge and recognize user faces in a multi-face environment. Terminal audience type analysis; ranking of the number of people watching content; customer flow data and trend analysis; customer flow proportions by category. In addition, the smart advertising touch all-in-one used for face recognition has strong scalability, and its functions can be extended according to actual use scenarios. For example, it can cooperate with corresponding software to realize functions such as witness comparison and identity recognition.

In addition, at the beginning of the establishment of face recognition, more significance lies in the ability to collect portraits to establish a "human body database." Of course, the content of public face recognition is to automatically generate big data in the background of the cloud server under the premise of protecting privacy, so as to intuitively see visitor information, visitor age and proportion, visitor gender proportion, resource viewing ranking, resource correspondence View data such as gender numbers. So as to help users analyze the passenger flow.