Library Media Advertising Player Information KIOSK

Library Media Advertising Player Information KIOSK

Library Media Advertising Player Information KIOSK

BVS, professional in touch display.

The application of the intelligent touch screen midea advertising player information KIOSK is growing in various places, from large-scale brand chains to gymnasiums and restaurants, or in campuses and library rooms, the slef-service intelligent touch screen information KIOSK is used for notification and education, it quietly blending into the quiet atmosphere of the library. If there are new books in the library, the cover of the book and the simple description can be published through the networked media advertising player, which can attract readers and inform the method of finding the book. In the past, the library was usually displayed in the form of bulletin boards or time promotion. However, the emergence of the intelligent advertising player information KIOSK completely reversed this situation. Its display function is more powerful, and the dynamic graphics and videos are more powerful, which attracts people's attention; what are the benefits of media advertising player information KIOSK in the library? Follow BVS to learn more about it:

The information KIOSK is placed in the library and can mainly display the following messages:

1. The route navigation of the library makes it easier for you to find the target books:

We all know that there is a lot of information stored in the library. For readers who have just arrived in the library, the huge appearance and the number of horrible books on the shelves are daunting enough, and many libraries are also facing financial aid information. This means that there are not enough staff to serve every reader who enters the library. If the staff is busy helping other readers, the intelligent information KIOSK can provide navigation services and guide readers to find their counterparts. Target books are time-saving, convenient and intuitive;

2. Opening hours on holidays and emergency related information

For the school library, if there is an emergency, the smart advertising display KIOSK can also play emergency messages. If the fire alarm is turned off, the intelligent media player can also inform readers of the fire situation and guide the reader to find the right exit;

If the school needs to be suspended for holidays due to severe extreme weather conditions such as storms, hurricanes, blizzards, etc., the smart advertising player information KIOSK can also notify students of relevant news, and the content control system has flexibility. In addition, it can also be used during holidays, to publish relevant holiday blessings and holiday notices, etc.;

With the rapid development of informatization and the improvement of people’s aesthetics, the replacement of paper signs by smart advertising touch all-in-one pc is an future trends. This is also necessary for future library development.