Why is the price of different all-in-one pc so big different?

Why is the price of different all-in-one pc so big different?

After years of development, many people are now familiar with touch all-in-one pc, because they only need to lightly tap the touch screen with their fingers to quickly display the information they want to query, providing us with a lot of convenient query services. There are many brands of touch all-in-one pc on the market, and they are basically the same in appearance. However, if you focus on the price, you will find that there are many differences. Even for two all-in-one pc with the same parameters and the same size, there is a big difference in prices.

There are three types of touch screens: infrared screen, resistive screen, and capacitive screen. Commonly used are infrared screens and capacitive screens. Different types of touch screens have different prices.

At present the main brand of lcd screen for BVS is BOE.

Different Specifications

The configuration of the touch screen all-in-one pc is also an important factor affecting its price. There are currently three systems, Android, Windows and Linux operating system. The Android system is cheaper than the Windows system under the same configuration. For Windows systems, the CPU, memory, and hard disk are different, and the price is also very different. The higher configuration, the higher price of the touch all-in-one pc. The so-called low-cost high-matches are mostly a bit tricky. After all, a company has not formed a certain scale economy, and talking about low prices is a risk.

Different screen standard and screen size

Generally speaking, devices with larger screen sizes tend to be more expensive. This is not only an increase in the price of the screen, but also a larger screen size, and many performances of the device will occur. For example, changes in power consumption, power consumption, etc., in addition to the increase in screen size, many things need to be upgraded and improved, so it is normal for the price to be higher. Different styles also affect the price. If it is a customized machine, the price will be more expensive.

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