what is a poe switch?

what is a poe switch?

BVS, professional in touch display. 

Speaking of switches, everyone is not unfamiliar. Isn't it the equipment used in large enterprises, Internet cafes, and network systems?

It has many functions, such as expansion ports, data transmission, and division of LANs... For example, there are many employees in the company, many computers, and insufficient network ports. It's okay. Just connect directly to a switches, and one network socket instantly changes to 8 ports, and 8 The computers can work at the same time.

So what is a PoE switch

"PoE" refers to a power-over-Ethernet technology. Simply put, instead of using wires to power devices, network cables are used to power devices.

Network cable power supply? 

That's right! It is to transmit the power signal through the network cable to the equipment that needs power supply at the other end. This is not a new technology for a long time. It has been out for many years and has been applied for a long time. However, you need to pay attention to the high requirements for the network cable, and it must be above the category 5 network cable.

A PoE switch is a switch that can supply power to network devices. It has all the functions of ordinary switches, and it also has power supply functions that ordinary switches do not have. In other words, it is much more "advanced" than ordinary switches.

Isn't it the rise of network surveillance now? This PoE switch is its "good partner". Network surveillance is everywhere, at intersections, supermarkets, shopping malls, hotels, schools, hospitals... so many cameras, it is not a small project to supply electricity. Not to mention the post-safety city or the smart city.

Many people say, pull the wires and just bury them in the ground. OK, do you think it's realistic to dig roads and pull lines all over the street? And, buried in the ground, what if something goes wrong? Then dig out all the streets for investigation?

So most of this method does not work, then use PoE power supply technology. Doesn't network monitoring use a network cable to transmit video? Then it would be better to use the same network cable to transmit power. Therefore, PoE switches are "hot sellers" in network monitoring.

PoE switches can not only power the surveillance cameras, but also network devices, such as wireless APs, Internet phones, wireless routers, etc., can be used. If you are inconvenient to pull the wire, you can try it.

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