What do you know about pos cash registers?

What do you know about pos cash registers?


Although we all use POS in our daily life, most of us don't have a deep understanding of it. Today I will introduce it to you.

The advantages of POS machines can be reflected in our daily lives. Pos cash registers through to the customer purchase information entry, the cash register to make a rapid response, correctly calculate the volume, and shows the receivable money, the amount of money, change information, such as reducing the cashier for the calculation of turnover time, raised the speed of the cashier, especially cashier speed from the commodity bar code technology for three times, reduce the time of a single transaction, Improved operating efficiency, convenient for customers.

Besides, customer cash payment, check, credit card, foreign currency, gift certificate, bill of lading and other payment methods are supported. Even in the same transaction, pay in a variety of ways, greatly meet the needs of customers at different levels.The cash register can record the sales performance of the cashier in the business and the shopping information of customers, and can print a variety of forms of statements, which directly improve the objective basis for the management service for the decision maker.

In addition, the application of cash register makes the enterprise's money and goods under strict control, shortens the checkout time and improves the accuracy and accuracy.

The structure of electronic cash register is mainly composed of electronic devices and mechanical components, which are composed of seven parts:

1) Main board -- central data processing unit.

2) Memory -- store information, data and programs.

3) Keyboard -- used to input various sales data.

4) Printer -- used to print sales invoices and management stubs.

5) display screen -- for convenient human-machine dialogue between cashier and customer.

6) Cash box -- used to store the receivables.

At the same toime, with the development of modern technology, the accessory equipment of electronic cash register is gradually increasing, and the common ones are as follows.

1) printer -- besides built-in printer, electronic cash register can also be connected to external printer (such as kitchen printer and bill printer used in catering industry).

2) barcode reader -- also known as barcode scanner, barcode reading device, from the appearance can be divided into four kinds: pen, handheld, desktop, card, according to the light source can be divided into two kinds: infrared light and laser.

3) Magnetic card reader -- it is a magnetic recording signal reading or writing device. Read the credit card information into the cash register. Its types and models are more, from the number of magnetic tracks can be divided into single track, double track, three track three.

4) Electronic scale -- Electronic scale sends weight and data to cash register when weighing goods on site.

5) The MODEM sends the data from the cash register to the computer over a telephone line.

6) Backup power supply -- that is, the UPS is used to supply electricity to the cash register directly from the battery after power failure.

7) Communication network interface -- its hardware consists of a set of chips or cards and physical ports, and its software consists of a set of programs. There are mainly communication interfaces between cash registers and 485 interface cards connecting cash registers and computers.

Therefore, now we should pay more attention to this kind of consumer product, understanding its use method, advantages, more knowledge, more gain.


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