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What are the meanings of a mini PC?

What are the meanings of a mini PC?

There are many roles for computers, students can use them to study computer-related professions, office workers can use them to organize documents and design. However, almost all walks of life can be applied to computers, from a small meal to a large plane to high-speed rail, the wide range of uses for computers can be seen. So computers have become essential products in our daily lives, the size of computers also began to gradually miniature with the development of miniature mini pc have obvious meanings.

Usually you need to choose to carry, even at home or on the company workstation will not take up space, beautiful and atmospheric, performance and can meet our needs, power consumption is also relatively low, with a month is not a few degrees of electricity. In short, it is the new trend of computer in the new era. The next few mini-pcs will be shared for additional information.


In recent years, because of the impact of advanced technology in electronic products, micro mini pc more and more better. Whether from the configuration side, or body heat dissipation are designed to allow users to be satisfied, in the entire micro mini pc market cooperation to its dregs, leaving the essence, but also to facilitate the user's choice of mini pct. As long as the brand can be trusted, reasonable configuration, heat dissipation pass, the basic mini pc will be accepted.


There will not be too many problems. The BVS brand has spent more than 14 years proving its worth, and because of the wealth of experience. It has accumulated in the process of developing all in one computers over the years. With Intel J3355or J3455 CPU, 2GB+ 8GB RAM/ROM, two USB ports and one RJ45, HDMI, VGA ports, the design of the interface is based on the needs of the public, so any external device is sufficient.


This BVS YSM8 android mini PC mainframe chassis has a beautiful design, compact structure, reasonable heat dissipation, compact size. The size of a mobile hard drive box, rich interfaces, HDMI, USB host and OTG USB full function, support sound channel, MIC output interface, RK3288 CPU and adaptive Ethernet. The body tone and monitor are particularly well matched, the set-top box contains powerful computing power in a volume about the same size. Besides, the noise is also low, running quietly, connected to the monitor can be used, particularly convenient and practical.


The mini pc has been around for a particular number of years and had more problems before. With the progress of technology, it has gradually been solved. The mini pc is bound to become a tiger out of trouble and enter thousands of homes as long as there are no defects to be troubled by. The brand BVS has been committed to the development of mini pc, windows and android all in one computers, pos system, etc. It can be worth choosing. Last but not least, welcome to contact us for any information.

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