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The main advantages of an industrial panel PC

The main advantages of an industrial panel PC

Along with the very good function of commercial service equipment, many industrial venues have started to adopt cheap industry equipment, and the commercial market has undergone a major shift. As people have just started to love the more user-friendly touch panel. Thus, in the industrial scene, with touch function of small industrial tablet PC will become the future trend. Industrial tablet PC is a kind of industrial control machine, and general industrial control machine comparison with the following advantages.

Most of the industrial flat panel computer front plate using aluminum and magnesium alloy die-casting molding. Industrial flat panel computer front plate to do ip67 maintenance level. Strong and sturdy, long-lasting, light weight.

Industrial flat panel computer small size, assembly and maintenance is relatively simple. 10.1 inches / 13.3 inches / 14 inches / 15.6 inches / 18.5 inches / 32 inches, a variety of model specifications, many customers are able to choose.

Beautiful design, flat panel, slope, wall-mounted, wide range of applications, cultural education, cashier, industrial, airline, intelligent control and other industries.

According to the CPU architecture, divided into x86 architecture (according to the XP system, and the general PC difference is not much) and arm architecture (according to Microsoft's embedded system wince, Android, Linux system).

Industrial grade flat panel (industrial grade computer) with integrated structure, host, LCD, touch screen as one, multi-purpose multi-serial port, external devices with a wide range of functions and good reliability.

With the more fashionable touch basic functions, industrial flat panel computers are using 10-point touch screen, IPS high-definition screen simplicity of operation, more convenient, rapid, and more personalized.

Most industrial panel PCs (industrial computers) use fanless design, with wide finned aluminium parts to dissipate heat, low power consumption and no noise.

Industrial panel PC (industrial computer) system software and the traditional computer is roughly the same, but mainly used in industrial manipulation, many key points of the structure, standard must be special design solutions. For example, most of the industrial flat panel computer is all aluminum plate production and processing production, moisture-proof, anti-fouling, explosion-proof type and other areas of level regulations are gradually increased.

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