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How to check the quality of industrial monitors?

How to check the quality of industrial monitors?

The viewing angle of industrial display is subdivided into horizontal viewing angle and vertical viewing angle. The horizontal viewing angle is based on the vertical normal of the display (that is, the vertical imaginary line in the middle of the display), and the image of the display can still be seen normally at the left or right position that forms a certain angle with the vertical normal. This angle range is the horizontal viewing angle of industrial display, which is also based on the horizontal normal. Usually, the reference standard of the viewing angle is the change of contrast.

When the viewing angle increases gradually, the color contrast of the image displayed at this angle will decrease. When the angle increases to a certain extent and the contrast is lower than 10:1, this angle is the maximum viewing angle of industrial display.

At present, the viewing angles of industrial displays in the market are mostly symmetrical from left to right, but not necessarily symmetrical from top to bottom, usually the up-and-down angle is less than the left-and-right angle. An industrial display with a viewing angle of 80 degrees from left to right can clearly see the screen image when standing at a position that forms 80 degrees with the central vertical line on the front of the screen. The larger the viewing angle, the wider the viewing angle, and the better the applicability of the industrial display.


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