the customization of panel pc

A custom industrial panel PC

A custom industrial panel PC

Industrial tablet PCs make a huge contribution to standardization and efficient manufacturing. They not only increase productivity and ensure product quality, but also control costs and reduce redundant manpower. In addition, industrial panel PCs can be customized to meet the different needs of different fields by considering various special cases. So what needs do you need to consider to customize an industrial panel PC?

Modular design customization

Different industrial scenarios must have different industrial panel PC features. Most industrial panel PCs manufactured today are production line. It is difficult to ensure that the product is thoroughly considered in the field. Therefore, to better consider the user experience. Many companies are just starting to release customized control module service programs to perfectly suit the customer's site requirements.

Bespoke appearance requirements 

There are two levels of this appearance. One level is the product's appearance in terms of specifications, dimensions and colour matching techniques, the method of installation for the product's application scenario. On the other hand, it is the basic structure of the product, the stamping tooling and development structure of the product.

Basic requirements customization

In order to take into account the needs of the industry for on-site manufacturing, it is possible to show customers the need for customization of system updates, customization of sockets and insertion of switching power supplies. In addition, customization needs for customer packaging products can also be shown.

So the above is the custom industrial flat panel computer need to consider the four matters, I hope the above content to help you. If any friends need industrial flat panel computer, you can contact us to consult ~

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