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Which industries need to use industrial panel PCs?

Which industries need to use industrial panel PCs?

Industrial sites can be embedded into machines, cabinets or placed on the operating table, to do human-machine display operating interface needs to be applied to the industrial panel PC.

Used in telecommunications, electric power, multimedia, national defence, automation equipment, manufacturing and other fields, collar number used as a human-machine interface, thin client, PLC and POS communication, control terminals, need to apply to the industrial tablet PC.

Digital hospitals do bedside service terminals and outpatient terminals, to improve the level of hospital services and management need to apply to the industrial tablet PC.

Banks, shopping malls, hotels, railway stations, buses, underground stations, parks and other public places to do media (advertising) player or query terminal need to apply to the industrial tablet PC.

High-grade community to do family service terminal, to achieve intercom, message, cost query, commodity ordering, household appliances management, temperature and humidity control, etc., all need to apply to the industrial tablet PC.

On the issue of industrial flat panel computer rush period

The industrial control industry is special, the orders received are basically customized products, so there is no mass production, the general manufacturers also have some regular sales of better products, but will not be as mass production of consumer computers. The industrial control industry is a small branch of the computer industry, the market share in the computer industry is very small, but the application industry is very wide. The amount used in the application industry is generally a one-time order of several hundred units is already very much, thousands of units above the volume is very rare, so our regular products a specification stock of a few hundred units is sufficient.

Then the problem comes, many users immediately request delivery once the payment arrives, which is a very ridiculous thing for the industrial control industry practitioners. First, our production staff assembling computers, testing computers need time, on the test requirements for industrial control computers need full pressure test 24 hours after the quality to ensure delivery.

Second, If you need to order an industrial control computer is an unconventional product, such as the need for a hard disk with read/write protection or the need for a computer that can be used as both a monitor and a computer. This will be improved by the purchase of accessories, and it will take a day or two for the general supplier to deliver it by courier!

Third, encounter with the user completely customized products, not to mention the design drawings alone will take a few days of time, not to mention the unknown products need to be constantly tested and debugged to ensure product quality before delivery to the hands of users.

I hope that we can understand and tolerate each other more, the rapid development of BVS can not be separated from your support, we also give back to you with better products and services.


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