industrial computer

What is the application of industrial computer?

What is the application of industrial computer?

BVS, professional in touch display

BVS is an independent brand that specializes in manufacturing small and medium size touch screen commercial display and industrial computer. The BVS products include POS System, android poe tablet, windows panel pc and open frame monitor. 
Shenzhen Bvsion Technology Co., Ltd. is currently an independent brand of BVS. The BVS commercial display is composed of advanced touch screen, motherboard, memory, hard disk, graphics card and other electronic components, and the working principle of it is no different from that of a traditional PC. According to the size of the touch screen and cooperate with the software, it can realize some funtions, such as public information checker, advertisement display, media interaction, conference content display, offline experience store product display, etc., Besides, it is also support some external or internal modules, such as fingerprint scanner, scanner, card reader, micro printer, etc. Designed to meet specific requirements such as fingerprint attendance, card swiping, and printing. Generally different from electronic whiteboards, more functions can be achieved.
Which industries can bvs products be used in?
1. Banks and other financial institutions (business inquiries and service promotion in business locations)
2. Network operator business hall (business query, experience hall business promotion)
3. Government agencies (public information release, government affairs disclosure)
4. Shopping center (shopping guide, merchant and product inquiries, advertising promotion)
5. Flagship stores and specialty stores of fashion products (new product introduction)
6. Company reception room or meeting room (company introduction, exhibit display)
7. Exhibition hall and venue design company (event venue layout)
8. Automobile 4S shop (car model display)
9. Furniture and artwork store (product display)
10. Cinema (movie trailer and clip appreciation)
11. Real estate sales hall, shop window of chain real estate agency (house type and landscape effect display)
12. Office building and apartment lobby (advertising)
13. Catering industry, retail industry
14. Teaching (multimedia classroom)
15. Spinning bike and other gym equipment
16. Kitchen display system
17. Electonic file cabinet or express cabinet

What other industries do you know about with the application of industrial computer?

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