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The Customization of Industrial Motherboards

The Customization of Industrial Motherboards

With the continuous development of industry intelligent industries, the application areas of industrial control motherboards are expanding, and are widely used in various industries such as manufacturing, electric power, shipping, rail transportation, medical, finance, petroleum, storage and logistics, and smart home. Due to the large differences between industries, the traditional general-purpose industrial control motherboard is difficult to meet the needs of all industries, BVS has been focusing on customer needs to provide customers with customized services and products.

The common contents of the industrial control motherboard can be customized include:


The chip is the core controller of the industrial control motherboard, which determines the power, efficiency and performance of the board. The choice of chip will determine the type of CPU, RAM and interface that can be used within the motherboard, thus potentially affecting the processing speed of the system. 

The interface design

Industrial control motherboard due to the use of special occasions, so the design interface will be customized according to the use of occasions or stacked a large number of standard interfaces to accommodate a variety of interfaces. Common interfaces are serial, USB, LAN, LPT, etc.. In order to adapt to the environment, generally with anti-electromagnetic interference, anti-static design. With the industrial motherboard, the backplane is used to support multiple expansions. At the same time with a variety of display functions such as VGA, LVDS, HDMI, DVI interface, etc.

The base board customization

Including the size of the base board specifications, circuit design, interface location, etc.

BVS products involve industrial control motherboard, embedded system, industrial machine and industrial tablet PC, etc., in transportation, finance, medical, military and other fields to achieve the expansion of applications.

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