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How should I pick the smart pos system for me?

How should I pick the smart pos system for me?

The smart cashier in the new consumer era has improved and evolved a lot from the traditional cashier in terms of cashier function and product form.

From the restaurant scene, restaurant pos systems and ordering registers have also joined group purchase checkout, take-out order, and aggregated payment (which can support payment methods such as sweep code payment, face payment, card payment and even digital RMB) to meet the needs of different restaurant payment scenarios. Not to mention that there are intelligent means such as scan code ordering, self-service ordering machine and self-service identification and settlement of food and beverage dishes, which can enhance efficiency in the ordering and settlement process and also reduce the pressure of store staff manpower and lower labor costs.

It is worth mentioning that the dish self-identification settlement table can be more intelligent and accurate through visual recognition technology, directly determine what the dishes on the dish self-identification settlement table dinner plate, and automatically carry out the settlement, quickly complete the dish settlement function.

As for the retail scene, the cashier's function expansion includes self-service cashier, intelligent supermarket cashier, intelligent cashier weighing integrated scale, covering a variety of retail scenarios. In terms of product form, the latest intelligent super pos systems are generally developing in the direction of compactness, and various desktop retail pos systems are widely used in super stores, whether it is the checkout counter of a large supermarket or a smaller checkout counter of a convenience store, desktop retail pos systems can be used. Taking the self-service pos system as an example, the previous wall-mounted self-service pos system has a large overall volume and occupies a large space, while the desktop mini-self-service pos system has been developed and improved, with a volume and weight of less than half the volume and weight of the original large-screen self-service pos system, which can be easily lifted by one person with a smooth hand, making it more convenient for the superstore to arrange and install.

For the traditional supermarket pos systems often need to be connected to the keyboard, mouse, scanner and other equipment, the latest channel pos system integrated with the main customer display, printer, scanning platform and other pos system components, six in one, completely abandon the traditional pos system before use requires assembly, debugging problems, to achieve out-of-the-box ready to use.

Our channel pos systems are highly integrated, efficient and convenient, with high-powered speakers and real-time voice announcements to meet various scenarios of retailing in shopping malls. Eliminate the trouble of external various accessory devices, plug and play, and significantly improve the efficiency of the introduction of intelligent retail pos systems in supermarkets.

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