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 How do you choose the right industrial panel PC?

 How do you choose the right industrial panel PC?

As an intelligent control terminal for modern production, the industrial panel PC is one of the key elements influencing the success or failure of industrial digitization projects. What are the misconceptions that need to be avoided in the selection process of industrial computers? Today BVS industrial control is here to help you.

Before learning the knowledge of industrial panel PC selection, let's first understand the current domestic industrial panel PC market supply and demand status. Nowadays, with the wave of industrial Internet reform, all kinds of enterprises on the industrial panel PC demand is increasingly high, and with the growing scale of the industrial control machine industry, the current market can choose from countless industrial panel PC products, the supply exceeds the demand of the market pattern, the selection of industrial panel PC has become the concern of many enterprises. How to choose the right industrial panel PC? BVS industrial control editor suggests that we start from the following four aspects.

All industrial panel PC selection logic should be based on the most original use of demand, such as the application of the industry, the type of work tasks performed, and the actual use of the working environment conditions, and then from the mechanical parameters, physical performance, display performance, processing performance in four aspects to choose the right industrial panel PC. 

First, mechanical parameters, generally refers to the size of the industrial panel PC specifications (including the size of the embedded installation openings), body material, appearance of the colour and installation methods. In different work environments, the site installation location, space size are different, in the industrial panel computer selection before, must first be their work site installation conditions measured clearly, and truthfully and manufacturers to communicate fully, to avoid receiving the goods can not be installed embarrassing.

Second, the physical performance, here refers to the industrial flat panel computer dust proof, waterproof, shock-resistant and heat dissipation and other performance. Because of the differences in the working environment, industrial computer physical performance is also different from ordinary commercial computers, if you are located in the industrial site of dust and moisture, vibration and radiation interference factors, and has relatively high requirements for heat dissipation, it is recommended to choose a high level of dust and water resistance and integrated body structure design of fan less cooling industrial panel PC.

Third, the display performance, refers to the resolution of the industrial panel PC, colour, brightness, backlight life, etc.. These can be considered from the picture quality display needs and site light environment, if it is an indoor environment, resolution, colour brightness can reach the basic performance requirements of the calculation/image, if it is an outdoor environment, then the brightness is a key consideration, the basic consideration of 500cd/㎡ above, as for the backlight life, the current mainstream industrial panel PC, its industrial grade LED backlight display can reach 50,000 hours.

Fourth, the processing performance, the most core performance of industrial panel PCs. In fact, the core module is optional, equipped with what kind of CPU, choose how much running memory, configured with a large capacity of hard disk storage, what version of the optional operating system, expand which I/O interface, must be based on the software or program operating environment requirements to decide.

The above is BVS industrial control machine for you to organize the industrial panel computer selection method, as for the industrial computer selection process, what are the misconceptions need to avoid?

One, the pursuit of high configuration pile. The most important stability of industrial panel PCs, many times the conventional options can meet the requirements of work tasks, too high configuration stacking not only a waste of resources, will lead to energy overflow. 

Two, only look at the big imported brands. At present, domestic medium and large industrial flat panel computer brand has risen, product technology, service level has been a huge progress, we in the choice of products no longer think superstition imported big brand, after all, the big brand premium a lot.

Three, only look at the lowest price. This is another extreme case, many enterprises choose industrial panel PC, excessive pursuit of cheap, easy to buy refurbished machines, very much to lose.

Well, the above is "how to choose the right industrial flat panel computer? If you need industrial flat panel computer recommendation, welcome backstage private message us.

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