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How do you buy a suitable panel pc?

How do you buy a suitable panel pc?

To buy a suitable industrial control machine, you need to pay attention to the following four points.

Looking at the working environment.

The choice of industrial control machine needs to be selected according to the environment, the traditional industrial control machine are electric fan cooling, are left with cooling holes to ensure the flow of air inside the industrial control machine.If placed in high dust, high humidity industrial site, will have a serious impact on the performance of the industrial control machine, such environments should be used embedded industrial control machine, or fully enclosed industrial control machine.

Before purchasing, the installation space should be measured in advance, and if you choose embedded, you should also plan in advance the size of the opening, which can be consulted in detail with the industrial control machine manufacturer. On the basis of the installation space to choose the installation method. Currently on the market industrial control machine installation can be selected wall-mounted, rack-mounted, desktop, embedded, etc., in the selection of installation methods, but also to consider the front of the line, after the line out of the problem, in order to avoid wiring difficulties and improper installation of the trouble.

Looking at product quality.

The quality of the industrial control machine and industrial motherboard workmanship and the choice of components related. Workmanship, different products or different industrial control machine manufacturers in the intuitive role to be able to understand. The choice of components, resulting in a large difference in the factory price of industrial control machine manufacturers, the main reason is the difference in the price of components. The quality of components directly affects the quality of the industrial control machine as well as the operational life and maintenance frequency, professional industrial control machine manufacturers in the procurement of components above are strict requirements, will not purchase second-hand components or low-quality components, while the general industrial control machine manufacturers will be because of compression costs and the purchase of such components.

Supporting customization.

Because in actual use, the industrial control machine to be external to many devices, so to see what type of interface is actually needed, whether there are CPCI, USB and other types of interfaces, PCI, PCIE slot types and numbers, to see whether the configuration meets the requirements or can be customized.

Looking at the manufacturer brand.

IPC is a product applied to key occasions, directly related to the success or failure of the entire project, so it is important to choose the brand! The more industrial control machine source manufacturers brand, the more attention to the quality of materials, services will also be more in place, you can avoid a lot of unnecessary trouble. Bvsion technology is committed to providing highly reliable, high-quality industrial control machine, to help customers reduce production costs, extend the product life cycle, to enhance the customer's competitive advantage in the market, professional, strength to win reputation, is the domestic quality of industrial control machine brand.

The above is the introduction of  Bvsion technology on the purchase of industrial control machine, familiar with and understand the four methods, I believe you can buy a most suitable industrial control machine.

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