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What are the contents on the hospital touch screen?

What are the contents on the hospital touch screen?

When in the hospital, we usually take a look at the message content of the hospital’s touch screen, what are the effects of the content on the hospital’s display screen, and what content will generally be shown, let’s take a look at it!
The screen content broadcasting effect of the hospital touch screen is mainly summarized as the following points:
1. The main effect is to facilitate the public, and the following content can be shown on the display screen in the lobby of the hospital:
The title, quotation, place of origin, etc. of the drug;
Charge standards for various inspections and surgeries;
Flow chart of procedures for hospitalization and inspection of patients;
The location distribution map and function introduction of various departments in the hospital;
Brief introductions of the chief doctors and attending doctors of the hospital and various departments;
A list of doctors' consultations in each department on the day;
Introduction of the situation of specially invited experts to the hospital for consultation;
Introduction of new service items in the hospital;
The "Service Pledge" of the hospital, etc.
2. Play the effect of making hospital affairs public. Through the hospital's touch screen, it can broadcast the hospital's various income, the purchase of medicines and equipment, and the bidding and expenditure status of engineering construction and decoration.
3. Play the effect of publicizing relevant regulations and decrees. Through the hospital display screen, "Medical Staff Operation Standards", "Medical Ethics Standards", "Service Code of Conduct", etc. can be broadcasted.
4. Play the effect of spreading medical and health care knowledge. Through the screen, "Patient Instructions", "Maternity Instructions", "Infant Care", "Nutrient Recipes", etc. can be broadcasted.
5. Play the effect of a bulletin board. After touching the touch screen monitor, you can broadcast lectures, conferences, etc., various notices, work organizations and advanced collectives, your own honor list and advanced deeds, etc.
6. Play the effect of public service advertisement. Through the hospital display screen, the weather forecast, "Civilized Enterprise and Civilian Treaty", hospital slogans and important news can be broadcasted.
7. Play the effect of setting off the atmosphere. The touch screen of the all-in-one pc can broadcast welcome speeches from superior leaders and various VIPs to watch and guide, blessings to patients, and celebration speeches for various serious festivals.

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