Welcome to Hi-Tech Fair

Welcome to Hi-Tech Fair

Welcome to Hi-Tech Fair

The 24th Hi-Tech Fair will be held from 15-19 November 2022. Foreign institutions and enterprises from many countries, including Australia, Russia, Latvia, Finland, Hungary, Brazil, Spain and the United Arab Emirates, have registered for this event, with projects covering bio-medicine, information technology, artificial intelligence, advanced manufacturing, new materials, new energy, intellectual property rights, international trade and other industry sectors.

hi-tech fair

The exhibition will provide precise matching between Chinese and foreign institutions and enterprises in terms of technology, market and services, and build an effective communication platform through a combination of online and offline forms to expand business matching and promote international cooperation. Enterprises from all parties are now invited to actively participate in the event, with the following information.

Event time: November 15-19, 2022

Location: Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center (Fu Tian district)

BVS Exhibition number:1A01

Cost: Free of charge for registered enterprises, English translation will be provided by the organizer on request.

Products:We supply 10.1" to 32" smart touch display hardware solution for more than 14 years, building a team of BVS with the knowledge, passion, and skills to make that happen. In the last fourteen years, our quality have obtained CE, FCC, ROHS standard, and well-trained engineers offered you any technical support. And our products are brand new and support custom service. The tablets are designed with Vesa hole, which can make it to different installations, like embedded, stand, upright type, wall mount. Our products are widely used in smart home face recognition, medical display robot display, self-service terminals industrial equipment meeting systems, rail transit, advertising display, artificial intelligence smart city etc..Different scenarios have different installation methods, which deeply meet various application.

touch all in one computer

In accordance with the latest epidemic prevention requirements, visitors should send us  personal information privately and we will fill in the form and submit it to the exhibition.

BVS team

Welcome to join us!

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