Supermarket Guide Robot All-in-one Touch Advertising Player

Supermarket Guide Robot All-in-one Touch Advertising Player

Supermarket Guide Robot All-in-one Touch Advertising Player

In some large shopping malls or supermarkets, there are many types of shops and commodities, and the area of ​​the shops is also very large. Without a good navigation solution, users cannot accurately find the product they want in a short time, and the user experience will drop sharply. Now, offline stores are facing the impact of Internet e-commerce. The advantage of the store now is to give customers a real experience. If the experience is not satisfactory, how can offline stores win customers in the torrent of e-commerce? If the all-in-one touch advertising player works well in the supermarket, it can make a lot of money for the business. It is just a touch device with computer and TV functions. How to solve business problems?

At first, touch the map display function of the all-in-one advertising player

(1) Realize the flat and three-dimensional map display function of the mall from the first floor to the fourth floor; use three-dimensional model simulation technology; mark the location of the shopping guide; zoom in and out with two touches; the shape and image are required to be easy to understand;

(2)  Each brand name or logo is on the map, "How to get there?" A link is displayed at the same time; when you click on the corresponding brand with your finger, the related description of the brand will pop up. (Including logo, brand image, etc.)

(3) The system background has its own map editing function. When the shape and pattern of the subsequent store need to be adjusted, the operator can edit it by himself through the map editor.

Second, the brand navigation function of the touch advertising all-in-one player

The brand navigation function lists all brand logo icons according to certain rules (by brand initials, floor, format, etc.). ), customers can find the brand they need through the list; it can also support customers to enter the brand name (supporting Chinese and English input) to find the corresponding brand information; click on the link of the store location and brand introduction in the map.

Third, the intelligent path guidance of the all-in-one touch advertising player

(1) After the customer enters the target brand, the route guidance from the shopping guide location to the target location can be dynamically displayed graphically; you can guide across floors, such as searching for shops on the first and fourth floors. You need to guide it to the ramp or straight ladder first, and then to the store.

(2) Customers can quickly find service facilities in shopping malls such as toilets, customer service centers, ramps, and straight elevators; and highlight the searched map;

(3) Parking space search: According to the parking space location, the parking space location can be identified, and then the system can be guided to input the parking space location. The owner needs to take a photo or record the parking space number after parking; 4. Automatic identification of the best route: When the destination is selected, the system will automatically be in the background Calculate and choose the best travel route.

Fourth, store information release and display function

Weekly promotional information release, weekly movie information (video) release, seasonal fashion release, mall event information release (including event preview), all of which require a good interactive dynamic effect display.

Only the current content is displayed in the content, and the front-end cannot display historical content. It needs to be queried on the server-side management interface. It can be updated regularly through the back-end management interface and supports media formats such as pictures and videos.

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