hotel advertising display

Hotel Advertising Player

Hotel Advertising Player

People's basic requirements for hotels are fashionable and tall, so the layout of the hotel is very important. The birth of the advertising information touch all-in-one machine just demonstrates the customer-oriented service environment and the hotel's humanized service, which is an important element in the hotel design and is favored.

Nowadays, there are many styles of all-in-one advertising information, including interactive and wall-mounted advertising information all-in-ones. The advertising information all-in-one can be designed in different models according to different location characteristics of the hotel. Layout plan to cater to the needs of customers. For example, in the lobby of the hotel, an interactive advertising information touch all-in-one machine can be used to broadcast promotional media for customers entering the store to attract customers’ first favor. Furthermore, it is to provide information inquiry channels. Customers can touch the all-in-one machine through interactive advertising information. It can effectively and efficiently obtain inquiry information, or interconnect with mobile payment to complete follow-up procedures such as reservation or payment.

The wall-mounted advertising information touch all-in-one machine can be used in hotel public entertainment places or passages, corridors, etc., based on network technology, provides intelligent and convenient management, updates and broadcasts remote customized information anytime, anywhere, such as weather forecasts, news, information, etc. Game projects, etc., enhance the fashion and entertainment of the hotel environment. In the guest room, it can be used as an upgraded version of the entertainment equipment of the TV, using the controllable and touchable functions of the mobile phone to realize a variety of leisure and entertainment programs on the TV.

From the overall point of view, its beautiful, stylish appearance and excellent performance highlight the full sense of science and technology of the advertising information touch all-in-one machine, and improve the service level of the hotel! Therefore, it can be seen from the above that the advertising information touch all-in-one is not only a benchmark for improving the image of the hotel service business, but also a weapon for improving the quality of hotel services. And with diversified characteristics, it meets the requirements for display and service quality in any structure of the hotel, thereby comprehensively improving the image and service level of the hotel environment.


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