Here comes the bvs live stream

Here comes the bvs live stream

Here comes the bvs live stream

Hello,everyone, welcome to our live stream .

Today we are very happy here to introduce our company information and hot sell products for you.

Our company Shenzhen Bvsion Technology ,Which established in 2008 year, we supply 10 inch to 32 inch smart touch display hardware solution for 14 years. And we are also a dream-seeking base for many Alibaba customers.

The first time part, we will show you our hot selling 15.6inch all in one pos system, which are widely apply for commercial use and industrial use, such as smart payment system, new retail, restaurant ordering system, security system, robot display, slot machine, medical equipment, industrial automation and so on.

Please follow our live stream for more information.

Click here: BVS live stream


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