classroom digital signage

Campus Smart Digital Signage

Campus Smart Digital Signage

With the online version of the touch screen monitor, safety education videos can be shown in the main activity areas of the school. Education buildings, canteens, dormitories, sports activities management and other places can strengthen safety education and improve safety awareness. In addition, it can also be touched through the online board advertising. The machine broadcasts music videos/news and main announcements in the school. Especially in large campuses, the online digital signage is widely used and has become a new media in the school. Many businesses use the online digital signage to advertise for students collectively.

It can strengthen the power of information transmission inside and outside the school, and enrich the educational methods. As the prevailing information transmission carrier nowadays, the layout of the digital signage also improves the campus image to a certain extent. As the use continues to deepen, the online sigital signage will likely become the fundamental equipment of the education industry.

The campus network advertising digital signage can use the leading multimedia technology to complete the interweaving of text, pictures, animation and video, different occasions, facing different audiences, and showing different content at different moments. . Facing faculty and staff, release information such as handling information, meeting information, selection of excellent teachers, homework dynamics, and information on usual days. Facing students of different grades, they can display curriculum organization information, leading deeds, student selection, educational effects, emergency notifications, famous aphorisms, etc., and complete sexual information transmission.

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