touch scrfeen computer in library

Touch Screen All-in-One Machine in Library

Touch Screen All-in-One Machine in Library

With the touch screen machine in people's daily life is increasingly widely used, people have gradually become accustomed to the existence of this high-tech touch control equipment, has become an essential part of people's lives, and the use of fingers for touch operation has gradually become a habit of behavior.

Touch screen all-in-one machine is a high-tech electronic touch control equipment that has emerged in recent years, the appearance is somewhat similar to the oversized tablet computer, is integrated with the LCD screen, touch screen, computer host and other hardware in one computer all-in-one machine, and different from the general computer all-in-one machine is that it does "thinner, lighter, more convenient", while it Integrated computer, TV, touch screen, audio, multimedia, Internet and other functions in one, can be widely used in teaching, meeting, display, query and many other areas.

How should I buy a library touch screen machine? Choose this product to consider many aspects of the problem, for example, to consider the product can not support the USB interface, because the library will often update the content, then generally will be updated by way of the USB interface to these contents, or copy out the content inside, if there is no USB interface, then this equipment will be more trouble to use. When choosing this product, you should also look at whether the height of the base can be adjusted. We all know that the average height of different regions of the country will vary, some places are taller, then the touch screen device can be adjusted appropriately high, but some places the average height of people is not particularly high, the touch control device height can be appropriately lower, then the height of the adjustable device will of course be more convenient to use some.

Selection of touch screen machine also take into account the problem is the touch screen itself, we all know that if this product is put into the library to use, a lot of libraries every day in and out of a particularly large number of people. Most of these readers are required to use this equipment, if the quality of the touch screen is not good it may affect the original reading friends use, so the touch screen must be required to powerful to do.

Generally speaking, this touch screen outside are tempered glass as a protection, without affecting the sensitivity of the premise, it can make the touch screen inside the electronic components can not be damaged by the outside world, so you can make the screen more durable. Multi-touch is also to consider the issue, because we need to use this screen when zooming in and out, or to multiple fingertips at the same time to operate, if you can support multi-touch mode, then the experience of using such equipment will be better.

Selection of library touch screen machine also consider the issue of screen clarity, if the screen is not clear then the user's use of the effect will be affected, now there are many products are using large screens, and the resolution is also particularly high, the screen can even use IPS high screen, such a screen can fully meet the requirements of clarity, whether it is placed in the library or put.

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