Solution of Community Information KIOSK

Solution of Community Information KIOSK


Most of the community property information seems trivial but is closely related to daily life. In addition to various charge notifications and the organization and arrangement of community activities, the self-service information KIOSK for advertising information also includes various service introduction information. The traditional information distribution model is to print the information into leaflets and send them to every household, or post them in corridors, elevators, community information boards, and other places. This approach is a great waste of resources, and it also often causes delays due to residents' negligence, which greatly reduces the information arrival rate and reduces the transmission efficiency.

The wave of informatization has swept all corners of the society and triggered higher demands on housing. Digital and informatized communities will be an inevitable trend in the construction of residential communities, which can greatly improve the efficiency of property management. It also means timely, comprehensive, and rich information reports, high-quality and efficient information services, and a new community cultural atmosphere.



Publish information on related attributes such as water, electricity, heating fees, etc.

Emergency notification and instant information release.

The community supporting service information is released.

Community promotion and community cultural platform.

Advertising value-added platform.



1. The professional functions of the intelligent advertising information self-service touch screen information KIOSK integrate information editing, transmission, broadcasting, terminal management, and real-time monitoring, with complete and professional function settings, which fully meet the needs of users in different industries and different needs.

2. Intelligent advertising information self-service touch query all-in-one machine, flexible management mode, unique partition group management mode, adopts distributed management, supports remote or local remote control, and diversified management modes. Users can easily manage a large number of broadcast terminals.

3. The intelligent advertising information self-service touch inquiry all-in-one machine has an ultra-high stability embedded design, free from computer virus attacks, plug and play, safe and reliable.

4. The intelligent advertising information self-service touch query all-in-one machine has strong scalability. It relies on the network platform, adopts a distributed design, and can freely set the number of players. The open system interface facilitates the integration of information and control systems.

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