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The Advantages of Community Advertising Information Query Machine

The Advantages of Community Advertising Information Query Machine

BVS, professional in touch display.

Community advertising information query machine is a good way of publicity, but do you understand the advantages of community advertising? This article, BVS compares the community advertising language TV, advertising posters, magazines, and large outdoor advertisements to illustrate the advantage of the integration of community LCD advertising information query tablet, and each aspect of the advantages of community advertising are listed one by one, I hope it will be helpful to everyone’s understanding.

Analysis of the media advantages of the dual-screen intelligent advertising information query all-in-one machine. The media advantages of the BVS control display advertising information query all-in-one machine: throughout the urban areas, multiple high- and mid-range communities, the advertising column installation locations are mainly selected in prominent locations in each community, and the coverage is very wide. Divided by region, including various boutique commercial and residential districts, villa districts, residential districts, residential areas, etc.; Divided from the group of people, effectively targeting private business owners, white-collar workers, managers, middle-aged and elderly people, young people, women and children, etc. , Covering all areas of the urban area and various types of social consumer groups, suitable for the promotion of various enterprises and products.

Comparison of community LCD advertising information query all-in-one advertising and other media:

1. Compared with TV advertisements: At present, the number of TV stations is increasing, and TV programs are colorful. At the same time, TV advertisements are long, and viewers often switch to other channels during the advertising time, which greatly weakens the advertising effect. Community LCD advertising information query All-in-one advertising, with strong advertising penetration and reading compulsiveness, can increase the chance of advertising and audience contact and thus affect the occurrence of audience consumption behavior. In a word, the advertisement directly faces the terminal.

2. Compared with newspapers and magazine advertisements: Each newspaper and magazine usually has its own fixed reading group, which cannot cover all consumers. In addition, the continuous expansion of the edition creates a "black hole" in advertising.

3. Compared with large-scale outdoor advertising: outdoor advertising is limited by factors such as geographic location, advertising height, line of sight distance, building occlusion, etc., with limited influence and high price. However, the community LCD advertising information query all-in-one machine can "zero distance" with the audience. Contact, no blind spots in the line of sight, so that the advertisement achieves an excellent publishing effect.

The advertising advantages of the community LCD advertising information query all-in-one machine:

1. Targeted accuracy and effective dissemination Community households with common consumption characteristics in many aspects enter and leave the community more than twice a day.

2. High cost performance One of the advantages of community advertising information query all-in-one advertising is its low cost, and community public service advertisements are supported by government departments, avoiding part of the commercial cost, and the cost-effective advantage is more prominent.

3. Strong anti-interference. Compared with traditional media advertisements with greater mutual interference, there are only three to five different brands of advertisements in the community. The mutual interference is minimal, and they penetrate directly into people’s daily life, making brand publicity more important. Targeted.

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