bank queuing systyem

Bank Queuing System

Bank Queuing System

BVS, professional in touch display.

Nowadays, major banks have more and more service equipment, such as self-service card making machines, self-service filling machines, queuing system, service evaluators, self-service deposit and withdrawal ATM‘s machine, etc. The facilities makes it more and more convenient for users to check information and handle business. The queuing system is the most widely used for self-service terminal of each bank.

How does the bank queuing system get the number? On the queuing machine, click on the relevant service, take the number, and wait for the number to be called. This is indeed the case, just to prevent users from operating errors in the process of obtaining the number, and to make a simple explanation of the bank's smarter and more user-friendly upgrades.

If you come to the business hall of a certain bank, you will first walk to the bank's queuing system and swipe it on the right side of the queuing machine with your ID card or magnetic card. The type of business separates users into different windows, reduces the waiting time of users, and improves queuing efficiency. On the touchable window display screen, gently touch the screen with your hand to select the business you want to handle. Generally divided into personal business and VIP business, but in order to make the business more clear, there will be multiple business options.

Click the corresponding business button, and the queuing system will spit out a queuing number ticket, which will display the user's number, the number of people in the line and other information. At the same time, the bank's queuing number system will automatically enter and update the queuing status. As long as the user waits quietly in the waiting area of the lobby, the bank staff will handle the relevant business for the customer according to the sequence of the number. The operation is very simple.

Of course, it is an unavoidable problem for people who are going to the bank for business for the first time, not knowing how to use it. There are professional instructors in the lobby, who will explain the business you want to do to the staff, and the staff will determine which option you need to click to get the numbered ticket in the queue.

When it’s the turn of the corresponding user to handle the business, the display above the counter will display the message "Please go to the XX window (different banks, the content will be different)" message to remind you to go to this counter, and the above content will be displayed at the same time Repeat the voice broadcast. When you arrive at this window, you can handle the corresponding business with the materials prepared by the bank teller.

In order to avoid missed calls in line, banks not only configure pagers and display screens at the counter, but generally configure more display screens dedicated to queuing information. At the same time, they will decide to place pagers or large speakers and other equipment based on the area of the hall and the sound decibels in the hall. . Some banks have a large area with many windows, or have multiple areas in the lobby. In order to prevent users from not seeing the display number of the counter window, a display screen is placed in the center of the lobby or in the waiting area, which is in real time with the queuing management system. Linkage updates data based on counter business processing.

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