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A Smart Conference Tablet Brings the Changes

A Smart Conference Tablet Brings the Changes

Smart conference tablets have gained momentum in recent years and have been widely used in a number of industries including government, hotels, education and hospitals. From its initial niche product, the conference tablet is now a widely acclaimed intelligent facility that has quietly changed many corporate meeting scenarios and set off a new wave of intelligent change.


In traditional meeting rooms, it is often necessary to match a variety of equipment such as whiteboards, projectors, curtains, audio, microphones and computers, which tends to make the whole room look cluttered and lacking in aesthetics. In the new conference scenario, however, only one conference tablet is needed to meet most of the conference needs. The interactive whiteboard, interactive document presentation, split-screen teleconferencing and multi-terminal wireless screen transfer are integrated into a number of functions, getting rid of the clutter and at the same time showing the high-end business image of the company.


In traditional meeting scenarios, the entire whiteboard needs to be wiped after writing, making it difficult to retain key information. In the smart meeting scenario, not only can the board be extended relentlessly, but multiple pages can be added and writing errors can be erased by gestures, making the whole smooth and consistent with human speech writing habits. And while writing, it can also be displayed remotely and collaborate remotely, creating the effect of being in the same meeting room even if you are separated from each other, greatly improving the efficiency of the meeting.


Faced with the need for more personalized display of professional areas, traditional conference equipment often seems weak, but in the intelligent conference tablet, equipped with professional software, help companies to better display products, making the product more intuitive and more impressive.

In the case of hotels, for example, carrying 3D modelling allows buyers to have a 360° panoramic view of the hotel and a multi-perspective understanding of the accommodation environment, and can be booked online, helping the hotel industry to better serve its customers and build a high-end brand.

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