What material is an industrial panel PC made of?

What material is an industrial panel PC made of?

Many customers receive our industrial panel pc as complete machines, which can be directly powered on. Some customers require that our industrial panels be affixed with their own logo, and sometimes do related certification work. At this time they need to understand all the materials of industrial panel computers. What kind of material is an industrial panel pc? Industrial panel pc materials are mainly six major parts, industrial motherboard, CPU, memory, hard disk, display, shell. I will with you one by one!

1.Industrial motherboard

The main board is generally a rectangular circuit board on which the main circuit system constituting the industrial computer.


Industrial all-in-one memory it has data exchange, data storage, assisted operation, recovery of memory and other functions.In order to design the machine more stably, the memory of this industrial panel also uses board-mounted memory particles.


The program is a sequence composed of instructions, and the execution program is to execute the instructions according to the instruction sequence.Once the program is loaded into the main memory, the task of taking main access and executing the instructions can be completed automatically completed by the CPU.

4.The Hard Disk

Due to customer requirements, the hard drive of our industrial panel is a mechanical hard drive. If a customer needs a solid-state drive, we can use our mini pc communication to coordinate access.

5.Industrial Display

Since industrial panel pc are different from commercial panel pc, our display is an industrial-grade display.

6.Rear Shell

When the industrial panel PC is assembled, a rear shell is required for finishing work.

Generally speaking, the materials of industrial panel computers are composed of the above. Due to the particularity of the product, all the materials and accessories cannot be the same.These just list the main material, and if you want to learn more about the construction of all in one pc. Welcome to consult and buy.