smart cash register

What equipment is included in a smart cash register?

What equipment is included in a smart cash register?

Internet mobile payment is the trend today and the traditional cashier mode has gradually withdrawn from the stage. Retail, catering, beauty, specialty, petrol stations, automotive services, education and training industries are all using smart cashier systems to improve shop operational efficiency.

So what does a smart cashier system mean specifically? The smart cashier system is an Internet cashier system that can help upgrade the services of physical shops, improve cashier efficiency and increase turnover. Now let’s talk about equipment is included in a smart cashier system.

1. Cashier

At present, the cash register on the market is divided into two types: single screen and double screen, the former has a screen, while the latter has two screens. The difference between the two is that one screen of the double screen cash register is facing the cashier, and the other screen is facing the consumer, which allows the consumer to see his bill through the screen when he buys the bill. 

2. Small ticket printer

The printer generally uses a thermal small ticket printer, this printer is a good choice in terms of cost as well as printing speed, so it is popular among merchants. If it is an Android system, the printer is connected in two ways: Bluetooth and WiFi wireless. If it is Windows system, there is a parallel port drive connection.

3. Sweep gun

The two-dimensional code gun can not only scan the bar-code of the product, but also scan the consumer's QR code for collection.

4. Money box

The main purpose of the money box is to hold cash, you can place different denominations of cash change into the money box, when the customer chooses to use the cash payment, the money box will automatically open, the cashier can store the cash received into the money box. If there is a need to make change in the case of change can be made from the bottom money. Although mobile payments are hot at the moment, there is no shortage of older customers who are used to paying in cash, so a money box is still necessary.