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What cleaning tools are needed for industrial monitors?

What cleaning tools are needed for industrial monitors?

Industrial panel PC maintenance is also a major important measure to ensure the stable operation of the equipment, for industrial panel PC external equipment cleaning and maintenance work how to carry out? Now by the BVS technology share the following cleaning methods for you.

First, the preparation of tools. The preparation of tools is a little more complicated than the installation, you need to cleaners (bring your own sponge block), ear wash ball, hair dryer, oil pen, soft cloth, eraser, alcohol, cotton balls, etc., you also need to prepare cross screwdriver and anti-static wrist strap.

Second, the preparation is completed on the dismantling of the machine. Wear an anti-static wrist strap after the disassembly of the chassis. Industrial panel PC after a period of time, the parts of the chassis will be very dirty, especially the place where there is a heatsink, so we have to take down piece by piece to clean.

Third, the expansion card dust removal. First take out the graphics card, sound card, network card and other expansion cards, the dust on the card can first use the oil pen to clean. Note that when cleaning not in the industrial tablet PC, otherwise the dust raised and fall back, it can be a waste of time, the same operation later. Use the ear wash ball to blow on the expansion card "hygiene" dead ends, such as near the component pins. Then brush with a brush with a paintbrush.

Fourth, cleaning the expansion card's gold finger. Use an eraser to wipe the gold finger on the board. Be sure to use the pencil eraser with elasticity, if the eraser is too hard too rough, it may cause wear and tear of the gold finger.

Five, cleaning the memory. The method of cleaning the memory is the same as cleaning the expansion card.

Six, cleaning the CPU. Remove the CPU fan and separate the small fan from the heatsink. Clean it with a brush with a paintbrush, and then blow with an earwash ball. Some blades are more dense, and the surface has a "rich" type of fine lines of the heatsink is more difficult to clean, you can use a paper towel wrapped around the key, and then push the key into the slot of the heatsink, so you can clean more thoroughly. After wiping and then use the earwash ball blowing. This method can also be used to clean the heatsink on the chipset or display chip.

Seven, cleaning hard disk. Next is the turn of the hard drive, the metal casing of the hard drive can be wiped with a paper towel or dry soft cloth, the circuit board to use the oil brush to remove the dust.

Eight, cleaning all kinds of connection lines. After the hard drive is cleaned it is time to clean the various connections, use a paper towel or dry cloth to wipe the data lines and power lines. 

Nine, cleaning the motherboard. If the motherboard is not too dirty, there is no need to remove it. Brush with a paintbrush, and then use the hair dryer with the motherboard with the inner wall of the chassis are blowing, pay attention to control the time and distance of blowing. If the motherboard is very dirty, you need to remove the motherboard from the chassis. Use the oil painting brush to roughly sweep the floating dust, front and back both sides of a brush. Note that the hair that falls from the oil paint brush should be swept clean. Then use the earwash ball to blow the various slots and corners that are not brushed clean.

Ten, clean the chassis. The inner and outer walls of the chassis need to be cleaned. The inner wall of the cleaning has been mentioned earlier, if the dust and dirt in the chassis more, should be wiped away with a dry cloth before blowing in the hair dryer. When cleaning the outer wall of the chassis, first use a dry cloth to wipe away the dust, and then wipe with a sponge dipped in detergent. Sponge with dirty can be washed with water, dry to use. After the cleaning is complete, you can install the previous steps to clean the parts back, cover the chassis cover, the host part even after cleaning.

Eleven, clean industrial displays. Industrial display cleaning is divided into two parts, one is to clean the industrial display shell, one is to clean the touch screen. Clean the industrial display to ensure that the power is cut off, and do not use a cloth or sponge that can drip water, especially when wiping the upper cooling hole, it is best to use a dry cloth to prevent accidents. 

Oh! Many monitors are coated with a permeable film on the surface of the screen, organic solvents can cause damage to it.