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The design features of industrial motherboards

The design features of industrial motherboards

The performance of the IPC motherboard is superior to that of ordinary motherboards for a variety of reasons, the most easily understood being that it has a wider temperature adaptation range and can run even in hot and stuffy environments, and does not appear stuck. The reason why the industrial control motherboard has such an advantageous application, mainly its composition structure in the design of these features are as follows.

Component Design

As the industrial control motherboard is mainly used in a variety of different industrial manufacturing sites, because the manufacturing site in the environment varies, but are relatively harsh, so in order to make the motherboard has good resistance, the brand good industrial control motherboard in the design of the abandonment of ordinary commercial materials and the use of high-quality special raw materials to manufacture components, and the use of low-power chip set. They not only to save energy consumption can also strengthen the environmental Adaptability.

PCB design

Industrial control motherboard can be simply understood as a platform for computer operation, many interfaces are connected to the motherboard to use, so in order to strengthen the motherboard's EMC/EMI performance and increase its operational stability. Industrial control motherboards usually use six layers and more PCB circuit board design so that the PCB board will be better able to resist electromagnetic interference, after installation in the computer, the electromagnetic radiation issued by numerous devices will have a good defense.

The Interface Design

Because the industrial control motherboard is used in the occasion of special, so the design of the interface is usually customized according to the use of occasions to do, or stack a large number of standard interfaces to adapt to a variety of equipment interfaces. At the same time, in order to adapt to the environment, the interface generally comes with anti-surge impact, discharge static electricity and other designs, and with the PCB board together with support for multiple expansion. 

Due to the composition of the motherboard structure has these significant features so the best sales of industrial control motherboard can be deeply popular in the actual use of the process can maximize the protection of computer stability. In addition, due to the industrial control motherboard has a protective design, when in the event of a crash and other abnormal situations can also maximize the assurance of system security.