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The advantages of embedded all-in-one tablet

The advantages of embedded all-in-one tablet

Features of the industrial all-in-one machine.

Less connected: industrial all-in-one machine in appearance and computer display has a certain degree of similarity, and there is no clutter of lines. Fanless all-in-one industrial control machine, the whole machine is neatly arranged, the back of a large area of cooling fins.

Occupy little space: industrial all-in-one computer shape occupies little space, only need a small table at the industrial site can be placed, or can be embedded in the industrial design of the cabinet inside.

Low energy consumption: industrial all-in-one computer using industrial LED LCD screen and a large area of high-strength aluminum alloy cooling fins, energy consumption in the 10W-35W between.

Relatively weak performance: industrial all-in-one machine has the hardware required by desktop computers, such as CPU, memory, hardware, etc., can be expanded and upgraded, processing performance is relatively weak, but in the stability can do more than relatively stable.

High degree of integration: industrial all-in-one machine integration is very high, can have the host, audio, camera, microphone, Bluetooth, etc. at the same time.

The appearance of moderate: industrial control all-in-one machine appearance design compared to the commercial no that gorgeous, the whole machine appearance using high-strength aluminum alloy frame or 304 stainless steel, mainly to meet the application needs for.

Wide range of applications: industrial control all-in-one machine is generally used in industrial environments, for high dust, high humidity, vibration and other working environments.

Industrial control all-in-one machine size is generally in 8 ~ 21.5 inches, in the processor performance, there is generally the use of Celeron or Core low-power processor, the processing performance of the whole machine in 10 ~ 40W power consumption or less.