Electronic Route Guidance System

Electronic Route Guidance System

Electronic Route Guidance System

Touch all-in-one PC are no longer unfamiliar, advertising display and inquiry kiosk can be seen in many business places and points of sale. The touch all-in-one pc has made a lot of money for many operating businesses. Even restaurants have begun to use touch all-in-one pc instead of POP boards to send blessings to newcomers and provide route guidance for guests.
The electronic route guidance system reflects its unique value in intelligent guidance.

1. After the customer enters the target brand, it can display the route guidance of the customer from the location of the electronic route guide system in the shopping mall of the touch-all-in-one pc to the target location, and it can be displayed graphically and dynamically; it can be guided across floors, for example: if you search for a store on the fourth floor on the first floor, Need to be guided to the slope ladder or straight ladder first, and then to the shop;

2. It allows customers to quickly find service facilities in shopping malls such as toilets, customer service centers, and slopes and elevators; and highlight the searched diagrams;

3. Search for a parking space, enter the parking space number in the system, and the route guidance from the location of the touch-all-in-one shopping guide to the parking space can be displayed; (premise: the parking space number needs to uniquely identify the parking space, which can identify the floor and parking space location, and need to be advertised, the owner needs to take a photo or record the parking space number after parking);

4. Optimal route automatic identification function: After selecting the destination, the system automatically calculates and selects the best route in the background.