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What are the features and types of industrial panel PCs?

What are the features and types of industrial panel PCs?

In today's society, intelligent computers are becoming more and more widely used in production and life, whether in military, industrial or civilian applications. The industrial panel PC is an industrial control computer designed for industrial use, with all the features of a normal tablet PC, but also with a touch integrated design, its performance is more stable.

The features of Industrial panel PC:

1、Battery capacity

The industrial tablet PC has a large built-in battery capacity, which can meet the needs of long-time work, and can continue to complete high-intensity intensive work, with a longer life.

2、Product features

Industrial grade tablet PC has 1D/2D bar-code scanning, RFID reading/writing, NFC identification and other data collection methods; with HD camera, GPS navigation, data communication, wireless network and other functions, can be applied to a variety of harsh environments.

3、Protection level

It can be dropped without damage, wet water protection, high or low temperature applications and so on, even in a variety of harsh outdoor environments, can also be used normally, with a wealth of expandable interfaces to facilitate the exchange of data transmission between machines. 

There are three main types of industrial panel computers:

1、Multi-functional tablet PC: with rich multimedia devices and various interfaces, suitable for various environmental applications.

2、Fanless tablet PC: The integrated low-power fanless CPU is used, which can avoid the noise caused by the fan and prevent dust from falling into the chassis when the fan is used.

3、Ultra-thin tablet PC: the ultra-thin tablet PC integrates all the functions that a normal computer has in an ultra-thin case, while having a friendly operating human-machine interface, suitable for applications in limited space.