Touch one machine brings life into the era of human-computer interaction

Touch one machine brings life into the era of human-computer interaction

The rapid development of the current society and the serious pace of life require everyone to concentrate their limited energy. Usually, everyone only pays attention to the information they need. For many information propagandists, if they want to make their own information promotion complete and efficient, they must have a satisfying visual appeal together with "delivering the right information to the right people" so that the audience can enjoy it. This is also the basic meaning of interactive use.

The touch-control all-in-one product incorporating interactive skills promotes the audience from being a mere receiver to being a participant, and is forced to become automatic, and then achieves the effect of getting twice the result with half the effort. For example, in New York, the interactive outdoor touch-control all-in-one machine of the media's crime solving series has been successfully used to promote TNT's highest-rated TV series Miao Goddess. Let the general audience enjoy the fun of helping the detective of the goddess detective and the forensic doctor to solve a murder case, automatically accept the publicity information, and ensure the efficiency of information transmission.

In addition to fun, necessity is also one of the important factors to promote information, and touch one-piece products incorporating interactive skills can fully ensure that the information is targeted.

With the help of "interaction", the information transmission of the touch all-in-one machine can complete a specific "one-to-one" form, which can effectively make up for the uncertainty of the traditional "one-to-many" form, and firmly catch the busy people's "rush" At a glance", the advertising function and transmission power are optimized.

In today's IT field, human-computer interaction has become an irreversible trend, and touch all-in-one computers are no exception as a new IT member. The increasing use of touch all-in-ones in "grounded gas" occasions such as office buildings, department stores, shopping malls, parking lots, schools, and factories has made this demand even more urgent. For example, in a large shopping mall, the interactive touch one machine can take pictures of passersby and show them on the big screen, interacting with consumers benignly, and arousing everyone's desire to purchase.