industrial panel pc

The current development of the industrial panel pc

The current development of the industrial panel pc

At present, the integration of the three networks and the process of enterprise information are accelerating, and industrial control all-in-one computers are playing an important role in the field of basic equipment and in the cloud computing market. Industrial computers have always been the core carrier of the information industry and are widely used in various cloud computing services, vehicle-mounted computing platforms, industrial control and other industries. With the help of industrial computers, the whole society has long been integrated into a network information.

After years of development, China's industrial control all-in-one machine industry has long seen a major shift in the application areas and levels. With the traditional industrial control industry expanding into telecommunications, transmission data and other industries. Thus, with the rapid development of information technology, industrial computers may also be combined with communication technology, but also for the development of industrial computers to add new development opportunities.      

According to statistics, the market space in industrial control alone has reached 100 billion yuan. With the extension of industrial computers to other industries, the market space for industrial computers is very broad. However, from the current state of development of the industrial control machine industry, the integration with communication technology does not seem to be as simple as imagined. The process of developing convenience and industrial computer commodity features is slow and does not provide a good experience for customers.

At present, industrial computer operators cannot stick to the business philosophy of the industrial past for long if they want to get the most out of their field. They must be proactive in every market segment and respond adequately to market needs in order to make great progress.

The key to the capabilities of industrial computers all-in-one is determined by the characteristics of each segment, and therefore companies must order goods to meet the regulations for their customers. Because of the high complexity of the merchandise, industry customers are less price sensitive and generally have better margins. However, the role of industrial computer companies in the segmentation of the industry is equipment developers, industry solution providers, product developers or system integration. The current industrial computer companies segmentation of the industry, the target system, the role of different modules characteristics of the lack of mastery, but also restrict the development of most of China's enterprises.

In addition, domestic industrial control all-in-one companies also need to strengthen the penetration of emerging areas. Financial electronics, construction, control system, transportation, military products and other industries are also industrial computer companies need to focus on the layout of the industry.

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