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Different Kinds of Interactive Touch Screen Information KIOSK

Different Kinds of Interactive Touch Screen Information KIOSK

The interactive touch screen information KIOSK can be seen in many places. Now the demand for it is gradually increasing, and it generally appears in shopping malls, hotels, scenic spots, and government agencies. Functions such as self-service terminal and intelligent guidance make it very convenient for users.

Product name: The intelligent advertising player information kiosk  has different types according to different usage scenarios.

The situation for the query all-in-one information kiosk: hospitals, post and telecommunications industries, industrial and commercial bureaus, tax bureaus, exit bureaus, insurance industries, courts, government agencies, etc.

The situation of the shopping guide information kiosk : hotels, shopping malls, beauty salons, commercial streets, large supermarkets, trade fairs, etc.

The situation of the ticket checker information kiosk: airline ticket office, international cruise ticket office, bank, stock exchange, futures market, library, etc.

The situation of the map navigation information kiosk: parks, playgrounds, travel agencies, museums, memorials, etc. Intelligent advertising information touch query all-in-one machine guidance category: airports, docks, railway stations, office buildings, large-scale competitions, etc.