The Application of Touch Screen All-in-one PC in Campus

The Application of Touch Screen All-in-one PC in Campus

The Application of Touch Screen All-in-one PC in Campus

The application areas of the campus touch all-in-one pc are as follows:

1. Application at campus entrance and main building lobby. LED screens or LCD TVs and other displays are installed at the entrances of many schools, teaching buildings, and the entrances of various faculties, which are mainly used to announce school activities, welcome speeches, announcements, etc. Information is mainly to publicize the image and strength of the school, and reflects the strength of the school's teachers.

2. The teaching building is used in the lobby of the teaching building or in the elevator entrance. There are multiple information reflection points installed to release announcements, course arrangements, lectures by professors, school news and other information updates, and even get applications in the classroom , Improve the efficiency of students, replace the boring blackboard characters with a touch all-in-one pc. Teachers can mark them at will. Now it is very popular with teachers and students.

3. Library applications There are many information release points in the public area of ​​the library, which can release new book introductions, book return dates, borrowing information, etc., which not only improves the work efficiency of librarians, but also provides better inquiries for administrators and students The location of the books saves time and improves the quality of services for students.

4. Application of teacher rest area The teacher rest area also uses a touch all-in-one pc, which not only touches the fatigue of teachers, but also receives school announcements and news in time. Improve the teaching quality and comprehensive quality of teachers.

5. Application of student canteens Information release points are installed in school canteens to provide teachers and students with fresh dishes in a timely manner, reducing queue time and reducing students' irritability.

Touch-control all-in-one pc are distributed throughout the campus, maximizing the high-tech era. The realization of intelligent strength and teaching methods is conducive to improving the efficiency and image of the school. Create a truly informatized digital campus and provide students with a convenient communication platform.