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The Application of the Touch Screen Monitor

The Application of the Touch Screen Monitor

With the gradual development of the information age, various industries are gradually shifting to the direction of digitization, informatization, and intelligence, and the society's service requests for various occupations are also advancing with the times. The information kiosk is a system that caters to the implementation of informatization of various occupations. The all in one touch screen monitor is fully planned. Users can transfer the rich media capital (video, text, and pictures) in their hands through the network.

To the display terminals scattered in various places, the broadcast is performed in a colorful and sound way, so as to achieve outstanding announcements, announcements, advertisements and other publicity functions. It can be widely used in banks, hospitals, governments, companies, hotels, shopping malls, supermarkets, etc.

In detail, the all-in-one touch screen monitor can meet the needs of the following occupations:

1. Bus stop

Everyone knows that buses have many uncertain factors that are higher than other means of transportation. Therefore, installing the information release system on the bus station can not only broadcast news, advertising information, and generate economic benefits, but also can miraculously interact with the GPS system of public transportation. Mosaic, real-time display of the arrival time of the next bus, providing outstanding convenience services.

2. Airports and stations

There is no doubt. Airports, bus stations, railway stations, and subway stations are the venues with the most pedestrian traffic in the traffic clusters. Therefore, the advertising investment in these venues has always been the most powerful place. Therefore, the input through the electronic screen is much richer than the traditional light boxes, posters and other forms.

3. Hospital:

The hospital can set up display terminals in the hospital lobby, characteristic outpatient area, elevators and other general passages, patient activity areas, hospital interiors and other areas to promote new drugs, therapies and new medical equipment, broadcast medical procedures, hospital electronic maps, characteristic outpatient services and The department introduces prestigious doctors, expert introductions and other medical guidance information, broadcasts various epidemics, epidemics, prevention and treatment methods for common diseases, etc., and connects with the hospital's calling system, so that patients can hear themselves. The order can be seen again, which is convenient for some special patients, and at the same time it can alleviate the irritability of patients and their families while waiting, and also improve the overall external image of the hospital.

4. Chain organization:

For example, telecommunications business halls, mobile business halls, brand franchise stores, restaurant chains, real estate agencies, etc., which are widely distributed, can be uniformly produced by the headquarters, formulate a publicity plan, and then spread through the broadcasting terminals of each branch organization. Broadcast discount information, product introductions, etc. to consumers. Similarly, each branch organization can independently formulate and publish content with its own characteristics based on its actual situation, thereby deepening the advantages of chain organizations;

5. Bank:

The nature of a bank is similar to a chain profession. The bank headquarters unanimously draws up a broadcast program, which is distributed through the bank's special line to various bank business halls for broadcast display, real-time broadcast of bank interest rates, exchange rate information, etc., financial and wealth management advertisements.

6. Advertising operations:

The advertising operators will produce the advertisements and broadcast them on the advertising terminals scattered throughout the country according to the carefully formulated release plan. After controlling different terminals to broadcast different contents, the accuracy and pertinence of advertising investment can be completed; Functions such as billing and timing provide necessary statistical data for advertising operators to meet operational specifications;

7. The company promotes:

The company can not only publish product advertisements, but also convey the company's tells and decisions to the majority of employees, which is not only conducive to the establishment of the company's image, but also conducive to the construction of the company's culture;

8. Government announcement system:

Through the display query terminal set up in the public place, it can convey the main transmission, policy, energy and other information to the past people at any time. The public can understand the government's operation ideas and dynamics at any time, which is also conducive to the spread and implementation of policies and regulations. The nature of the department is connected with the third-party system, such as the queue calling system, which displays the calling information in real time and provides convenient services;

9. Shopping malls and supermarkets:

Display terminals can be placed around the main shelves and commodities. Each terminal separately broadcasts the advertisement information of the corresponding commodity. Together, the promotion information of the shopping mall and supermarket is collected and broadcasted by the terminal, which leads to consumers’ attention, stimulates consumer desire, and is effective Increased turnover. At the same time, it can be used to broadcast background music in the mall and supermarket, and to pierce all kinds of advertisements at the time of playing music, etc.;

10. Hotel:

Set up display terminals at elevator entrances, aisles, halls, restaurants, meeting rooms and multifunctional halls to broadcast various service information of the hotel, connect with the hotel’s conference reservation system, and obtain real-time conference information for display, so that guests can better Knowing all about the hotel and generating more service needs is also conducive to the establishment of the hotel’s external image