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 The Functions of the All in one Conference Machine

 The Functions of the All in one Conference Machine

At present, some government agencies and high-tech enterprises hold high-level meetings are using intelligent conference all-in-one machine. Because the conference all-in-one machine integrated electronic whiteboard, television, audio, video conferencing terminal and other functions, the user is easy to use, fast, can greatly improve the efficiency of work.

Conference all-in-one machine main by the screen, display, size, processor has and so on, currently the most on the market is the infrared touch screen and capacitive screen conference all-in-one machine, from the price dimension, infrared conference touch all-in-one machine of cheaper some. As for the size, of course, the larger the screen size, the higher the price.

Conference all-in-one machine with conference writing, highly sensitive and other functions, the main reason why there is such a function, the main reason is that the device is built-in sensitive writing software, whether it is touch gesture design, move, shrink and other functions, are able to switch at will. The board eraser function can be called up quickly when touching the screen in large areas and can be erased with the back of the hand. At the same time, it can also make annotations on meeting highlights, and meeting notes can be saved with one click for easy viewing after the meeting.

With remote video conferencing off-site with the same screen, the conference all-in-one can reach a maximum size of 98-inch ultra-high definition display screen.  At the same time, the installation method is more flexible and can be wall-mounted or with a mobile stand. No need to set up an expensive dedicated video conferencing network, with the built-in wifi, you can achieve high definition, smooth and stable remote video conferencing with just a common network. In remote meeting mode, the screen is shared off-site in real time, and the whiteboard function supports two-way scribbling operation, so that multiple parties can interact with each other in real time, as vividly and realistically as if they were in the same room together.

Simply use the wireless screen casting device to achieve wireless screen casting function between smart conference machine and mobile devices (mobile phone, tablet, computer), easily file transfer and quick release!

Wireless screen transfer device, you can achieve two-way operation of the PC side and all-in-one machine, as long as the meeting touch all-in-one machine equipment on the reverse operation of the computer, you can achieve the PPT page flip annotations and other actions, or easily complete the document switching display. 

A single person does not make a meeting, the meeting must be multi-person, then the projection of multiple people and multiple laptops switching is particularly important. The ability to conveniently switch the presenter's signal source is an important feature of the intelligent conference all-in-one, and writing with your finger or a special whiteboard pen touch allows multiple people to write and mark at the same time.

The conference touch all-in-one also has a one-touch screenshot function, whether in a browser or PPT, so you can use the screenshot tool to save images and save learning highlights at any time. As well as sweep sharing, save documents and generate QR codes that can be swiped by your phone to easily take away meeting content.