The Application of Mini pc

The Application of Mini pc

With the continuous advancement of technology, more and more mini-pc are now appearing in the market and are widely used in various fields. The following mainly introduces several common application scenarios in detail.

(1) Corporate office

In corporate office applications, whether it is daily office software, drawing tools or various management software, R&D systems, etc., mini pc can be easily controlled.

(2) Home entertainment/living room audio and video

The stylish and compact appearance of the mini pc, coupled with its more powerful functions than the TV box, has been favored by audio-visual entertainment users.

(3) Industrial control

In this age of appearance, the huge and rough chassis design of traditional industrial computers will gradually be replaced by mini-type industrial computers, and strong functions are no longer the only choice criteria for industrial computer users.

(4) Cloud terminal

The mini pc can be used as an access terminal device for a diskless workstation, saving more maintenance costs for users and ensuring the security of user data resources.

(5) School education/multimedia classroom

The functions of resource acquisition, network space, and shared services required by educational informatization, mini pc can provide perfect support for teaching programs. The modernization of teaching methods requires more modern teaching equipment to help! In recent years, in the process of realizing the digitalization, networking, intelligence and multimedia of teaching, various colleges and universities have been using mini pc as the equipment for building multimedia classrooms.

(6) Downloader

The characteristics of the download machine, the mini pc is even better: small size, power saving and good heat dissipation, 24 hours of stable operation is no longer a problem.

(7) Digital Signage

One of the mini pc is called OPS computer. Its biggest function is to provide a complete solution for digital signage, education all-in-one computer, electronic whiteboard, etc. If you are not familiar with it, you can refer to Datang Computer OPS computer.

(8) Commercial supermarkets, government, medical, military and other fields

At the same time, it can also be used in supermarkets, government, medical care, military industry and other fields. It plays an important role in many scenarios and greatly facilitates people to a certain extent. 

Today, mini pc can realize dual-screen or triple-screen display, which has far exceeded the basic performance originally pursued by mini pc. It is believed that with the continuous innovation of technology, mini pc manufacturers will create more surprise products for users. Please follow us for more information.