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Why self-service terminals are popular with users?

Why self-service terminals are popular with users?

Self-service terminals have started to expand rapidly from the banking industry to other fields, and their applications have expanded to a number of industries and fields such as telecommunications, electricity, medical, aviation and retail. Below, we introduce the reasons why self-service terminals are loved by users:

Self-service terminal is a "24-hour self-service" as the design concept of intelligent equipment. They are widely used to alleviate the problem of excessive traffic in the business hall and other industries, to make up for the shortage of the original industry business hours, but also to avoid customers in the business hall for the relevant business troubles. Self-service terminals bring easy, convenient and considerate self-service to customers.

In the financial industry customers can use self-service terminals for account inquiries, self-service transfers, statement printing, registration, self-service lost business. In the communications industry customers can enter their phone numbers through self-service terminals, self-service mobile phone stop (re)machine, bill enquire and printing, bill payment, invoice printing, caller ID, GPRS and other basic services for opening and closing. You can also buy mobile phone cards. The self-service terminal can also be used for the purchase of mobile phone cards, password recharge vouchers.

The self-service terminal incorporates most modern technologies to provide customers with seamless integration of dedicated hardware and software components. It has been developed for building distributed self-service payment networks with an integrated robust solution that supports high availability and integrity between different services across multiple organizational boundaries.

The advantages of self-service terminal.

Supports the configuration and deployment of new services through the complex management tools used in the management control panel.

A specially designed and integrated flexible declarative programming language that makes it easy to build and deploy any type of business scenario directly within the client user interface, without additional programming and software modification work.

The ability to automatically update software on any number of deployed end nodes without human intervention. The ability to selectively enable/disable individual or groups of deployed services on end nodes.

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